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Having a strong passion for the medical aspect of Esthetics, I continued my study in medical esthetics and in 2006, became certified in the removal of vascular lesions through the use of Electro coagulation / Thermolysis as well as body contouring. After successfully managing two of Montreal's popular laser hair removal / medical esthetics clinics, I finally opened my own practice in 2009 and am now operating in the Ottawa, Barrhaven area. My home residence has been transformed into a clinic providing you with the highest level of personalized service. Experience a warm, relaxed atmosphere and ambiance all the while providing you with the professional, hygienic and sanitary conditions you would expect from a clinical setting. Feel at ease knowing your treatments are being performed by an experienced, skilled technician. Never having to deal with a constant turnover of staff. Ensuring a strict level of privacy, you will never have to wait in an uncomfortable waiting room, and you will not be rushed. The treatments will go along at your pace, not mine. I will take the time that is required to make sure you are at ease and receiving the most thorough treatment possible. This is a joint venture. I will work with you to attain your goal, safely and effectively.                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                    ~ Tracy Townson

​Welcome to Allure Laser & Esthetics!   Since becoming a certified Esthetician in  1994, I've been recognized in the industry for my high standards in hygienic practices. I became a certified Laser Technician in 2003 specializing in the LightSheer Diode Laser, the "Gold Standard" in hair removal. The Lightsheer Diode Laser is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. I've personally performed and overseen the treatments of thousands of happy clients safely from the beginning to the end of their treatments with laser hair removal. 

Deborah Muoio, B.A

"Tracy is a consummate professional. Aside from her impeccable customer service, work ethic, and expertise, she possesses a level of integrity and amiability that has been sorely needed in the personal aesthetics industry. I have recommended her to many clients and will continue to do so in the future."

Abigail Alfonso

"Tracy is exceptional at her job, and she truly cares for her clients. I was so happy with my experience that I told many of my friends about her. She is thorough, patient and takes time to educate clients and do follow up after as well. She offers a good value, and she's got a great personality. She is always happy, personable and fun!"

Melina Daglis

"Tracy offers excellent service and high quality work and results. She is honest, efficient, trustworthy and makes you feel at ease while she works. Tracy is very pleasant and within 5 minutes into a treatment you forget that you are being worked on due to her wonderful personality. I recommend Tracy without hesitation."

Anna Luu-Nguyen

"Tracy is a very professional technician. She constantly follows up with her clients and makes sure the results are what they clients are expecting. Very friendly and agreeable person."

Susanne Seguin

"Ms.. Townson is highly qualified and very professional, I recommend her without any hesitation."

Jennifer Pierfelice

 "Professional, personable, knowledgeable"

Fei Sha Zhou

"I strongly recommend Allure Laser, Tracy is very professional. The results are as promised."

Chrisoula Hatzis

"Tracy, you are a real professional! EXPERIENCED, very clean, efficient and always on time! It really does show that you love what you do!"

Sandy Smiley

"Allure Laser & Esthetics is amazing! Tracy is very friendly, easy to talk to and knowledgeable about the industry. She makes you feel comfortable and cleanliness plays an important role in the whole procedure. I have noticed amazing results and I would definitely recommend Allure Laser & Esthetics!"

Joanna Abdul

"I am in love! I have been looking for the light sheer diode laser in Ottawa forever and finally I have found it! First session today and I can already see a difference compared to all the other lasers I have used! You can actually see your hairs getting to the surface! With this amazing machine comes the most educated intelligent gentle services of Tracy! Painless it was almost soothing! Weird but believe me for what it does you will be shocked at how smooth it is! No zapping like the other lasers! I am very grateful for Tracy's insight and knowledge. There's no question she couldn't answer and she went the extra mile to ensure I was calm and comfortable for my session. The best part is that it's home based so you really feel like you are a valued customer and she cares not like the stores. I am looking forward to my future sessions and can't wait to be hair free. I will definitely be recommending allure laser to everyone! Thank you Tracy looking forward to our next appointment!"

Rachel Medina

"Tracy is great ! Very easy to talk to, is friendly, professional, warm and is easy to feel comfortable with, which is very important if you're going to be having a treatment on the vaginal area. I highly recommend Allure. I have been looking for a place to get brazilians and I'm happy I stumbled upon Tracy because she makes even what should be the most painful thing, painless! Allure is also very clean, the hygiene method used for waxing; no double dipping the stick, is what caught my attention. No one tends to think about how unhygienic double dipping can be, but considering you're sharing a wax pot with a million other people who are also , getting waxing services on different areas of their body it IS something to think about, so many things can be contracted. But Tracy already takes care of this so you can walk in and out with a peaceful mind."