You will achieve a 70% - 90% permanent reduction in hair. The hairs that will be left over (if any) will be fine and pale in color.

Precision and speed

Laser targets the follicles and hair root. In the hands of a skilled technician, the surrounding skin will remain undamaged. Laser can pulse up to 2 shots per second, treating a spot size of 9x9mm per pulse. Small areas such as underarms are treated in about 10 minutes per session.

Hair texture changes

From the very first treatment, you will notice a significant difference.  Hair regrowth will be reduced in density, finer in texture, and lighter in color.

Skin texture changes

As the treatments progress, patients will notice changes in their skin in the area being treated. When the follicle doesn't produce a hair, it will begin to refine itself, leaving the skin smoother to the touch, and more even in color. No more dark shadow from high density hair.

Ingrown hair

Laser works wonders in treating existing ingrown hairs for those who are prone to them. New ingrown hairs will not form as treatments progress

On the road to no shaving

Gone will be the days of having to shave everyday! In the beginning of laser treatments, you will only shave about 2 or 3 times in between sessions. In many cases, by the time you have reached your 4th or 5th laser treatment, you will no longer need to shave at all in between sessions.

​No downtime

Zap and go! You can go on about your day after laser treatment. No recovery time needed.

No contracts

Any and all questions can be answered during a free consultation which also includes a patch test on the area(s) you'd like treated. 

Treatments are billed per session. Allure laser & Esthetics does not work with contracts and will never expect you to pay for treatments in advance. Keep your financial freedom. A good laser clinic doesn't have to secure your money in order to make you return

Enjoy a reduction in hair growth from the very first treatment! 

Results driven laser machine 

Allure uses the LightSheer Diode laser. This popular diode, class 4 medical laser that has been on the market since 1997 and is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction.  LightSheer is an actual laser built from the ground up for the sole purpose of hair removal, not to be confused with an IPL machine!

Laser hair removal


Price list is for valid for Women only. All prices quoted are per session, plus tax. There are NO contracts. At Allure laser you pay as you go. You are never locked into any contract nor will you ever have to pay for more treatments in advance!